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Burger King’s Bacon Ice Cream Sundae Is Every Geek’s Dream

Burger King’s Bacon Ice Cream Sundae Is Every Geek’s Dream

5 Years Ago By Kimberly Erskine

Bacon seems to be everywhere today. A simple search of the word on ThinkGeek brings up 39 different bacon products raging from toys and t-shirts to bacon flavored toothpaste for the more daring bacon fanatics. During a recent trip to Burger King with my family, I expected to find bacon on my burger. However, I didn’t expect to see an advertisement for a bacon sundae on my table.

Bacon? In my ice cream? That’s too weird,” I said. My dad tried to reassure me that it was probably just candy in the shape of bacon. My sister, who has always been a bit more adventurous and daring than me, edged me on and offered to try it with me.

The next thing I knew we both had a cup of soft-serve vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel and hot fudge and topped with bacon sitting in front of us. The sundae itself is no different from the caramel or hot fudge sundae that Burger King has been offering for years. The bacon pieces are a little too big, but that is probably to create a dramatic effect since the first thing you’ll notice on the sundae is a long piece of bacon strategically placed at the very tip of the ice cream.

Once you get passed the fact that you are eating ice cream with bacon on it, the sundae is actually quite enjoyable. The bacon mixed in with the ice cream creates the perfect blend of saltiness, sweetness, and crunchiness which gives this dessert its own unique flavor. For the price of $2.49, you can’t beat this geeky sweet treat. However, for your health’s sake, consume this sundae with caution. Just one sundae rakes up over 500 calories, 75 carbs, and over 60 grams of sugar. If you’re feeling daring and are interested in trying this treat, you’ll have to act fast. This sundae is only available for a limited time.

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