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Braun Features Superhero Beard Cuts Too Epic For Comfort

Braun Features Superhero Beard Cuts Too Epic For Comfort

3 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I can’t say that I have ever thought about it until now, but do you ever wonder what superheroes do when they don’t have much to do, and they let their beards grow thick? Perhaps they take the opportunity to play around a little and trim it to the point where their true awesomeness shines through. Well, that’s at least what Braun decided to base their latest electrical shaver advertisement on. Behold the epic superhero beard cuts made to impress.

If you have been coming here to Bit Rebels for a long time, (which I certainly hope you have been or perhaps will) you might remember an article about reddit user Captain_Auburn_Beard who had trimmed his beard Batman-style. It seems Braun has “borrowed” the idea and turned it into their latest ad campaign of superhero beard cuts, which by all means should come as a compliment to Captain­­ Auburn Beard’s hilarious creativity.

In this new ad campaign, we get to see a few more superhero beard cuts and they are as creative as the one we wrote about previously here at Bit Rebels. I am sure that if you would like one yourself you would not need a Braun electrical shaver to accomplish it, but perhaps it helps as I am sure the ad campaign aims to promote the precision and accuracy of the shaver itself.

Either way, should you want one of these beard cuts then what you need to do is to at least grow a little bit of a beard (it helps if you’re a guy), and then make sure you design your beard cut before starting. One mistake and you’ll be waiting a couple more weeks to be able to try it again. Perhaps I should give it a try as well, what do you think? I have to admit though that the Batman beard cut is by far the coolest one. At first I was wondering whether it was Captain Auburn’s Beard that was the actual model for these pictures, but no matter how much I compare the two Batman beard cuts I don’t seem to find a reliable match. What do you think? Is it the same guy?

Braun’s Superhero Beard Cuts Ad Campaign

Braun Superhero Beard Cuts

Braun Superhero Beard Cuts

Braun Superhero Beard Cuts

Via: [WooW Pix]

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