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Brand Wars: When Everything Is About Star Wars

Brand Wars: When Everything Is About Star Wars

6 Years Ago By Richard Darell

The beauty of a competitive business climate is that consumers and customers get lower prices. However, when everything is about the best gadget, product or service, it’s not always easy to decide what brand to choose. You have to compare your requirements to the product itself to know exactly what you need and what to buy. It could possibly take a lot of time to go through all the possibilities, and that is always a time suck you don’t want in your life. That’s why you have to find a new way of looking at things. We may even call it thinking outside of the box for a second and not taking everything so seriously. That’s exactly what we are all about here at Bit Rebels, bringing forward the awesomeness in an easy to understand format that doesn’t take you all day to read through.

Designer Barn Bocock knows exactly what we mean. Barn decided to address the constant issue of picking the right brands when there are several at our disposal and deciding is nothing less than extremely hard. As with everything here at Bit Rebels, odd solutions are what we are all about and Barn has the ultimate one., at least that’s what we think. That’s why I truly enjoy writing this article.

The way Barn sees it is as that of a fan, a Star Wars fan that is. Convert every company to a Star Wars related… “thing,” and you will have yourself a much easier and simpler decision to make. The real life brands suddenly become good or bad, and in your subconscious mind you have already labeled them and put them into their rightful place. That’s why Star Wars will become your true time saver if implemented in the right way. Just have a look at these three examples, and you will find that studying long lists of stats and specs is a memory of the past and ancient times. #StarWarsFTW!

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Star Wars Brand Wars Pictures

Star Wars Brand Wars Pictures

Star Wars Brand Wars Pictures

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