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Brain-Twisting Mashup: The Old Starbucks Logo Goes Geek

Brain-Twisting Mashup: The Old Starbucks Logo Goes Geek

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

As we’ve often said before, mashups are very popular, and these days artists will mashup just about anything. I usually don’t get surprised anymore when I see the most random, strange things mashed together because the line between what’s normal and what’s not is constantly being blurred by the creativity and imagination that designers put into their artistic combinations. We’ve written about dozens of mashups on Bit Rebels over the years. The last time I wrote about a mashup was just two weeks ago when I found this LOTR and Simpsons combination. As odd as that might sound, it actually seemed to go together really well.

Today’s mashup is a little different. Actually, it hurts my brain a little bit. It’s the old Starbucks logo mashed up with all kinds of geeky things like Twitter, Skyrim, Portal, Pokemon, Star Wars and even the band LMFAO. As if all that isn’t unusual enough, they’re put in the form of iPhone cases.

Although this is uber creative, I just can’t decide if I like it or not. What do you think? These designs were created by Royal Bros Art, and they are available as iPhone cases or t-shits over on Red Bubble. The t-shirts are around $24 each, and the iPhone cases are $36 each. Part of me wonders if Starbucks was somehow involved in the creation of these, after all, it’s brilliant advertising for sure.

Skyrim Starbucks Strange Mashup

Portal Game Starbucks Mashup

Apple Starbucks Strange Mashup

Facebook and Starbucks Mashup

Twitter Starbucks Unusual Mashup

LMFAO Starbucks Strange Mashup

Star Wars Starbucks Strange Mashup

Pokemon Video Starbucks Mashup

Batman Starbucks Strange Mashup

Via: [That’s Nerdalicious]

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