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4-Year-Old Boy Recovers Easier With A Custom Star Wars AT-AT Walker

4-Year-Old Boy Recovers Easier With A Custom Star Wars AT-AT Walker

3 Years Ago By Diana Adams

This is the kind of Star Wars story that will make you smile all day long. I don’t think of Star Wars as being a kid’s movie, but the truth is, it’s a movie that inspires little kids around the world to explore their creativity and imaginations everyday. The AT-AT seems to be something that kids really gravitate towards. We’ve featured everything from AT-AT ride-able snow sculptures to bunk beds to cardboard structures made to tear down with plastic lightsabers.

This is the first time I’ve seen an AT-AT created for such a heartwarming purpose though. Stephanie Kaloi’s 4-year-old son had to get knee surgery on both of his legs about a week ago. Right now, he can only walk with a walker. As part of the recovery process, his doctor asks him to walk a lot, and it hurts him. He is in a tremendous amount of pain, and he associates his walker with that pain.

Stephanie wanted to do something to ease her son’s pain caused by using the walker. Their whole family is made up of Star Wars fans. Long story short, Ben Dewey, her friend and comic artist, and his wife Lindsey, redesigned her son’s walker so it looks like a Star Wars AT-AT. You can read more of the story on Stephanie’s article called An AT-AT Walker Designed For A Four-Year-Old.

Now her son is ready to slaughter the Rebel Alliance, shoot down the enemies, and recover from knee surgery all at the same time. What a wonderful story, and a heartwarming way that Star Wars can change lives for the better. This is the most badass walker I’ve ever seen! I bet there are even some adults who have had knee surgery who would like to have something like this to help with their recovery too.

A Little Boy’s Custom Star Wars AT-AT Walker






Via: [Obvious Winner] [Neatorama]

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