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Blandito: Sleep All Rolled Up In A Big Burrito

Blandito: Sleep All Rolled Up In A Big Burrito

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

We’ve featured some pretty wild and crazy sleeping bags over the years, but this is the first one I’ve seen that I really want. It’s not even a sleeping bag really, it’s more like a burrito sleeping pad, or something like that. What you see below is called a Blandito, and it will wrap you up like last night’s dinner (sans the beans and cheese).

The neat thing about this cozy, soft, wrap-worthy slice of awesomeness is that it can be folded around into lots of different shapes and uses. The cute stop motion video below shows some of the ways. You can wrap yourself up for some alone time or invite a partner to join you.

You can even give it to the kids to have fun, and they’ll surely be entertained all afternoon. A Blandito and a big cardboard box would have been my dream when I was about five. You don’t have to sleep in a Blandito, you can read a book, play Temple Run, run from spiders in Minecraft, tweet, or do just about anything else. Unfortunately, these are not available for sale yet. Boo-hoo. You can visit the Blandito Behance page to find out how you can be updated when they become available though.

I remember when I was at University, I couldn’t afford an actual bed, so I slept on a mushy mattress on the floor for a few years. Too bad there weren’t Blanditos back then, it would have been way better. The company responsible for this super fun human burrito sleeping thingy is Oradaria Design. There’s no word yet when exactly they will be available, but I’m looking forward to it. I’ve always wanted to be wrapped up like a giant taco. Maybe they’ll make a pillow that looks like white sour cream and a green lettuce blanket. Oh, and pair of red tomato socks since it doesn’t cover our tootsies. I’m getting carried away…now I want nachos.

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Via: [Lost At E Minor]

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