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Bat Hangers: Creative & Sleek Batman Clothes Hanger Design

Bat Hangers: Creative & Sleek Batman Clothes Hanger Design

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I think all Batman fans secretly want their own batcaves. If they don’t want a batcave, they definitely appreciate finding ways to bring Batman into their homes to add a little superhero spice into everyday life. We’ve written about too many Batman designs to count, and to this day, the Batman Lawn Mower Mod and the Batman Ceiling Fan are my favorites. All you really need is a good Batman design and a cape to make all your Batman dreams come true. You just have to think creatively to make it all happen. These Batman clothes hangers are a perfect example of that.

These unusual and very creative Batman clothes hangers were conceived by designer Veronika Paluchova, and they are truly a design inspiration. I have no idea how someone would look at a closet full of clothes hangers and think, “Those would make great Batman clothes hangers.” It’s such a stretch, yet in an odd way, it all makes sense. These are all black, very sleek, and stunning to look at. Not only that, they fold-up when not being used, which makes them even more interesting.

Unfortunately, we can’t go out and buy a set of these superhero clothes hangers. They are apparently just a concept design. I even checked Etsy to see if they had something similar for sale, but they don’t have anything even close to Veronika’s design. I can just imagine painting the back wall of the closet black and the wooden dowel that the clothes hangers hang on yellow. It would make it all look like a retro Batman closet inspired by old-fashioned comic books. For the full effect, you could even hang a selection of capes in there, and only put boots on the shelf. Of course, doing all that would pretty much make your closet unusable for your non-superhero clothes, but that’s not the point, right? The point is…Batman #ftw!

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Via: [Jay Mug]

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January 28th, 2013

Where can I buy these?

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