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Behold The Steampunk Jack Sparrow

Behold The Steampunk Jack Sparrow

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

The Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most successful movies franchises ever to grace the silver screen. The latest movie, On Stranger Tides, has already earned almost 800 million dollars worldwide in its first 17 days. That’s quite a feat, and right in line with the other movies released in the series. The franchise itself might not reach Avatar status, but they are still the most successful movies Johnny Depp has ever made. There was talk about him not wanting to make another Pirates movie after the previous one, but I guess there was enough momentum and payment to convince him to make yet another one. Will there be one after this? Well, I guess that’s a question for pirate Jack Sparrow to ponder over the following months, but I wouldn’t count on it.

The movies have had a huge impact on art in general as well, and there have been countless paintings and spoofs made and uploaded to the Internet since the first movie was released. With all this going on, it is not odd that Pirates of the Caribbean even reaches into the Steampunk community with its long limbs. The art studio Kreatworks created a stunning Steampunk Jack Sparrow.

The detail on this badboy is just awesome, and you can stare at it for hours on end (that is if you’re really bored and have no work… or ANYTHING to do at all). It seems to be created in life size, and that definitely adds to the geekiness of it. Just make sure you know where to put it because I can imagine that once you have placed it somewhere, the statue would have to stay put because of its weight. Unless it is made out of aluminum, I’m sure this thing weighs quite a lot. Art is not always light weight you know. If you feel like buying this thing, it’s available over at ETSY for the cheap price of $6,999.

Jack Sparrow Steampunk Statue Design

Jack Sparrow Steampunk Statue Design

Jack Sparrow Steampunk Statue Design

Jack Sparrow Steampunk Statue Design

Jack Sparrow Steampunk Statue Design


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