Beer Beard: This Guy’s Beard Stores His 6-Pack Of Beer Perfectly

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Beards and beer seem to go together well, or maybe I just think that because of all the quirky beer beard designs over the years. I wonder if guys with beards are more likely to drink beer than guys without beards. There probably isn’t any correlation, but it would be funny to research it anyway. Today I’d like to share a real beer beard with you. This is not a beard koozie or a fake beer beard like we’ve featured before. This is an actual beer beard, and it stores a 6-pack perfectly.

Here in the States, football season is upon us, and it seems like one fan in particular is ready to go. He’s not taking any chances with the necessary game beer. He’s storing it right in his beard for safekeeping. It’s ultra convenient too. He can just reach up and grab one whenever the need for refreshment strikes him.

His name is Garey Faulkner (aka Misled Cincinnati), and he obviously spent a long time growing his beer beard. He’s actually a competitive beard grower. It makes sense to put that badboy to good use, and I can’t think of a better way to utilize it than to turn it into a beer holder. In order to make it all work correctly, he had to use hairspray and pins. Too bad his beard isn’t refrigerated.

In the pictures below, you can see him at a Bengals preseason game where he was gearing up for the season in style. That is quarterback Andy Dalton in the pictures with him. This is the best use of a long beard I’ve seen yet. If you’re a guy who likes beer, maybe you’ll consider growing your own beer beard. You will completely eliminate the need to carry a cooler into the game. Instead, your beer will stay snugly safe and sound, right there, hanging off your face.

The Beer Beard

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