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Beautiful Pencil Shaving Portraits Go Far Beyond Trash

Beautiful Pencil Shaving Portraits Go Far Beyond Trash

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Isn’t it wonderful how even the smallest and most useless objects can be used to create art? Art created from unusual materials will have you glued to the screen just because you have never seen anything like ever before. The ways of creating this type of art are oddly familiar, but at the same time, it’s so fresh and new that you just can’t help but catch a glimpse of it. We’ve seen iPhones being pimped out with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of diamonds, and we’ve seen old computers become world class living room art. It’s all there if you just open your mind to the possibilities. Sure, the less obvious objects to use are sometimes hard to spot, but once again, keeping an open mind will most likely land you something that people would even pay money to check out.

That is exactly what artist and mind adventurer Kyle Bean is doing. We have seen a couple of articles here on Bit Rebels about Kyle that focus on his paper art and egg shell art, which are all really impressive. However, now he has gone one step further and taken a most unlikely bi-product, and put it to good use. Mr. Bean has taken pencil shavings and created some rather impressive artwork. If you wouldn’t have seen the title first, I know you would have had a hard time putting this all together, I know I did.

But when you look at these beautiful and flawless portraits you will suddenly understand the odd world of trash recycling. Trash isn’t just made to be used to fill a landfill, use energy or to be burned into ashes. There is a far better use for most garbage that we haven’t yet discovered. Sure, it may not be the use that we are accustomed to, but creating art out of it certainly will bring some second-hand lifestyle use to otherwise disposed of trash. So, next time you are looking to throw something away, and you are looking for inspiration, well it could be right there in front of you if you just open your mind.

Pencil Shaving Recycled Art Design

Pencil Shaving Recycled Art Design

Pencil Shaving Recycled Art Design

Pencil Shaving Recycled Art Design

Pencil Shaving Recycled Art Design

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February 6th, 2017

Very cool. Are they of anyone in particular?


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