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Batmobile Monster Truck Mod: Now That’s What I Call A Truck!

Batmobile Monster Truck Mod: Now That’s What I Call A Truck!

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Here in the south where I live, monster truck racing is a big deal. People love to take their big trucks with their huge tires out into a field to roll around in the mud until everything is filthy. I’ve never been a fan of monster trucks, until today. When I saw this Batmobile monster truck, all that changed. This is the best looking monster truck I’ve ever seen, and it’s definitely one of the best Batmobile mods I’ve ever seen.

This unique Batmobile was originally posted on the Stan Winston School Of Character Arts Facebook page, but I wish there was more of a story about who created it and why. It’s been around for several years now, and I can just imagine riding in that thing. Actually, forget riding in it, I want to drive it.

You can see the detail in the first picture below. Just click on it to enlarge it. It would be great to see a whole set of pimped out monster trucks, each for a different superhero. A green hulk truck would be as badass as this one for sure. I would want the red, white and blue Wonder Woman truck. I’ve never driven a monster truck before, but if I ever see this one on the road, all that’s going to change.

If you want to see another unique Batmobile creation, check out this Batmobile Lawn Mower Mod. It’s a ride-on lawnmower (that really cuts the grass) which doubles as a little car that can scoot around town (or at least in a parade). Yeah, I know, that one has nothing on this humongous Batmobile monster truck. I would think when driving this thing, people should be required to wear a cape, a mask and black boots.

Batmobile Monster Truck Must Be The Geekiest Monster Truck Ever

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Via: [Geekologie]

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