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Sexy Satin Black Batman Mask Cufflinks For Men

Sexy Satin Black Batman Mask Cufflinks For Men

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Cufflinks for men are such a subtle way for a guy to express his style. Since I normally think a guy in a retro t-shirt and faded blue jeans is way hotter than a man in a suit, I don’t have much personal experience with cufflinks. Besides, cufflinks aren’t normally very geeky. When I saw these cufflinks though, well, let’s just say it’s time to go out and buy a French cuff shirt. I’ve seen batman cufflinks before, but normally they are just the batman logo on an oval cufflink. These take that concept to a whole different level. These are hot, and the dark satin black color just adds to the whole mystique.

Imagine being an executive and showing up to a meeting wearing these. Better yet, imagine showing up to a dinner party with these on. You’d surely make all the girls swoon. You wouldn’t have to say a word, your inner geek in all its greatness would be evident to every lady in the room. I never thought I’d say that cufflinks for men are sexy, but these are.

Since these are officially licensed, they come in a custom collector’s box with a comic strip on the lid. Yay! If you want to pick up a pair, just head over to CuffLinks where they sell for $125. While I was at it, I thought I’d share with you two other interesting pairs of cufflinks for men. One is a pair of cufflinks made of AK-47s. I know, crazy, right? Each pair sells for $32,500 and the money is used to barter, attain and then destroy 100 assault rifles. It’s all part of a social movement, and you have to know the right people to even buy them. The second ones are R2-D2 USB flash drive cufflinks that each hold 2GB of storage. That’s 4GB of secret, personal, high tech info you could be carrying around with you on your shirt. Being a geek is fun, isn’t it?

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Via: [Uncrate]

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