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Batman Car Seat: Let Your Kid Ride In The Arms Of A Superhero

Batman Car Seat: Let Your Kid Ride In The Arms Of A Superhero

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

If you have children, you know you’ll go through a series of car seats to keep them safe when they’re young. Each one is designed to keep your kid safe and sound in the backseat. This particular one must be the safest kid’s car set yet. After all, it’s a Batman car seat! If your child doesn’t like riding in the car, all that could change with this car seat design. Now that I’ve seen this one, it makes all the other ones look lame.

This Batman car seat is a booster seat design, which is the ‘intermediate’ car seat here in the States (for toddlers). It was created by KidsEmbrace, which is where it sells for $150. I can’t think of a more playful way for a kid to ride in style than in the arms of Batman. He or she will never be lonely in the backseat again. When I saw this, I immediately started thinking of all the different superhero characters that would make a good car seat design. In order to have the neat ‘tent effect’ that this Batman car seat does, they would have to be superheroes with capes of course.

I looked for more car seats like this on the KidsEmbrace website, but the only other one worth looking at is the Dora The Explorer car seat, but that one doesn’t even come close to the geekiness in this Batman car seat. If you want to let your child feel like a real superhero, or at least like he or she is being held by one, check out this car seat for yourself. Make sure you take lots of pictures. It’s a great way to let your kid start building some geek cred from a young age. This is the kind of geek cred that will last a lifetime!

Batman Car Seat – Best Kid’s Car Seat Ever





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