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Arc Reactor LEGO Build Realizes Movie Magic

Arc Reactor LEGO Build Realizes Movie Magic

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Someone once told me that your creativity will always be greater than your imagination. I know it’s a mind twister to try and decode, but the more you think about, the more it makes sense. The thing is, you will always have the urge to create the impossible. As we know, the impossible is made up of things we can’t imagine just yet. It’s pure problem solving, but once you have figured it out, your creativity will always be there to see your idea through to the end. That is exactly what we are fed through movies, especially the ones produced in Hollywood. LEGO builders around the world have always been inspired by movies, and that is exactly the case with the guy who created the arc reactor out of LEGO.

The artist behind this feat of a build calls himself Mr. Attacki, and as you can see, he is a huge admirer of the technology that Stark Industries is able to push out. The arc reactor has become synonymous with Iron Man, and the company this multi-billionaire businessman is associated with. LEGO builds usually just impress us with their size, intricacies and their ability to create patterns that are not usually possible with LEGO. On the other hand, the arc reactor should be able to impress anyone just because of its simplicity and awesome looks.

I think it’s safe to say that Mr. Attacki knows what he is doing when poking around in the LEGO bin. The question is whether or not we’ll see a whole Iron Man suit built soon. There are many life-size Iron Man builds out there, but none that showcase just the suit itself. It would be kind of rad to be able to look inside the Iron Man suit and see how advanced you can really make it with LEGO. This arc reactor should totally be the crowning jewel if there will ever be one on display. This LEGO arc reactor may seem small, but it is ultimately intricate and inspiring if you ask me. When the lighting is this epic, there are few things that can keep me from being impressed.

Mr. Attacki’s Arc Reactor LEGO Build

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