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Guy Creates The Apple Logo By Running With A GPS In Tokyo

Guy Creates The Apple Logo By Running With A GPS In Tokyo

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Many of us were saddened by the resignation of Steve Jobs the other day, and the news has literally been littered with all kinds of stories about what will happen now and how Apple will survive such a huge blow. Another blow came a few hours ago when a new picture, taken just a couple of days ago (supposedly right after his resignation), showed the Apple founder probably the thinnest we’ve ever seen him. In the photo, I believe first covered by TMZ, Steve is even getting some help standing. There has been no word about how his illness is progressing, and of course, that is his right to keep private; however, by the looks of it, it has progressed it seems.

One man from Japan, Joseph Tame, thought there must be something he could do to honor the technology genius and the many gadgets that Steve dreamed up for us all to play and work with. He managed to come up with something quite interesting, and something that could only be done with, yes you know it, technology. He actually started running, and he created the Apple logo with his GPS trail through the streets of Tokyo.

I think this is a really awesome way to pay Steve Jobs the tribute he deserves. Apple, I am sure, will keep busting out success products since there have been plenty of reports that Apple probably has about 3-4 years worth of products already in the pipeline that Steve Jobs has been a part of developing. Diana and I constantly talk about how sad it is, and how heartbreaking it is that people have to battle this furious illness. We hope there will be a miracle in everyone’s life which will allow you or your loved ones to recover from this hellish fiend of an illness if you have it. This picture needs no explanation, it’s just one of the best tributes I have seen in a long while.

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