App Rubik’s Cube: When Apps Are All You Think About

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I don’t think there is anyone in the civilized world who doesn’t know about apps these days. You can hardly have a cell phone in today’s technology world without it being a smartphone of some sort. There are simply apps for pretty much everything. If you can think about it, there is probably an app for it. As you all know, a true geek loves a good app, and we continuously try to bring you the very best ones. However, this article isn’t about an app, or maybe it is, but not directly so. It’s actually about apps, plural, but not in the sense that you might expect. This goes a little farther down the scope of what apps can be used for.

Geeks love apps, yes, but they also love the Rubik’s Cube. Am I correct? I mean, how can you not enjoy sitting in the same spot for about 10 hours twisting and turning a single toy until your brain is completely mush? I was a little sarcastic there; however, maybe now you actually will enjoy a good Rubik’s Cube evening since there is now a cube available with apps on the faces of the sides. Yup, that’s right! It’s called the App Cube. DUH!

It’s basically a regular Rubik’s Cube with some app icons on it. So if you want to switch it up a little bit and not be so ordinary all the time, maybe this one will break the chains of being confined to the colors of Rubik. I have tried to find the place where you can actually buy this thing, but that hasn’t yielded any results. This cube is listed over at ThumbsUp UK, but there isn’t a price available at this time. Still, it’s quite a creative way of mixing up the already tricky concept of the Rubik’s cube. I like it!

App Icon Rubiks Cube Concept

App Icon Rubiks Cube Concept

App Icon Rubiks Cube Concept

App Icon Rubiks Cube Concept

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