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Animated Story Of How LEGO Came To Be [Video]

Animated Story Of How LEGO Came To Be [Video]

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

My own humble opinion about LEGO is that it is the solution to everything, meaning that your imagination is really the limit to what it can do. We have seen epic builds, models and even things created out of LEGO that have had a huge impact on lives in general. It’s even been used in interior design and in building materials to build walls, stairs and houses. The possibilities are endless if you choose never to limit your imagination. How did it all get started and how did LEGO became such a huge children’s toy in the first place? That can all be answered with this new and highly entertaining animated story about the 80 year history of the LEGO franchise. It’s a most inspiring story with a lot of great lessons to learn.

In this 17 minute animated story created to celebrate LEGO’s long and winding road, we get to see the trials and tribulations the company has endured on its journey to becoming the world’s greatest toy. It’s incredible how much you can endure if you are set on a goal and just simply won’t accept defeat. LEGO is the one toy that has made thousands of groundbreaking designers, innovators and problem solvers reach their absolute peak in cleverness.

You don’t have to be a kid to play with LEGO. All you really need is to have an unlimited imagination and a child’s heart in order to realize your every dream. LEGO is not for children, it’s for everyone who has ever had a dream and wanted to realize it. That is the idea behind the foundation of the company, and it is something that is surely going to stay with this unique and groundbreaking brand for eons to come. Have a look at this animated story, and let yourself be inspired. Learn from the lessons and let your inner innovator pick up on all the positivity. Who knows, this animated story might even set you out on a path that leads you to the ultimate greatness of realizing a long lost dream. You just never know.

The Animated Story Of The LEGO Brand





Via: [UFunk – French]

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