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Anatomy Posters Of Legendary Movie Monsters

Anatomy Posters Of Legendary Movie Monsters

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

If you are a horror movie fanatic of rank, you know there is a lot more to the movie monsters that have scared you half to death than what meets the eye. You have probably at some point seen the Alien creature being shot half to pieces and seen its acid blood eat through the hull of the ship. You have probably also seen the Predator when he takes off his mask, and you marveled over his ugly face. It’s all carefully planned, and when the people making the movies came up with them, they probably went through each detail of their monsters and made an anatomy map just to get things right. Some fanatics have even gone as far as trying to create monster anatomy posters, which is something I am sure would appeal to a lot of horror movie fans.

One of these people is illustrator Brad McGinty who totally knows how to make the cool even cooler. Brad took movies like the Alien, Predator, Gremlins and even Mars Attacks and looked closely at the villain’s anatomy. From his research, he then created some of the most epic anatomy posters of fictional monsters that you have ever seen. They are not only very appealing, they are also quite educational for someone who really likes his or her horror movies.

You can of course purchase these anatomy posters and put them on your wall. They are around $25 a pop, and if you want them as a cool t-shirt, they are available that way as well. It’s always inspiring to see the anatomical intricacies of the movie monsters that have haunted our dreams for so long. Now they are not only even more scary, but they also make much more sense, or do they? I guess you have to have a closer look at these anatomy posters in order to understand their greatness. They are totally something for any horror movie fanatic to check out.

Brad McGinty’s Movie Monster Anatomy Posters






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