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A Colorful Rubik’s Cube Birthday Cake For Geeks

A Colorful Rubik’s Cube Birthday Cake For Geeks

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Aww man, I can’t believe I missed the 37th birthday of the Rubik’s Cube on July 13th. That little colorful cube was such a huge part of my childhood. I remember the first time I solved it. In the moment that I realized I finished it, I was so confident I could have probably found the solution to world peace and global warming, all on the same day.

Vicky McDonald celebrated another year of Rubik’s Cube by creating this Rubik’s Cube cake which looks too pretty to eat! The best part about it is that after she published her recipe (which you can get here), Rubik sent her an email which said, “Thanks for the nice birthday surprise which sweetens the bitterness of passing time.” Okay, I’m officially making this cake.

The geek factor is off the chart with this, and I’m inspired by such a wonderful story! What?? You aren’t impressed by this cake? Are you crazy? That’s cool. I have another option for you. I put a Rubik’s Cube Joker creation illustrated in a time-lapse video below that will surely set your mind on fire. Yeah, that’s right, it’s a Joker created with 336 perfectly solved Rubik’s Cubes. David Alvarez, who did this a few years ago, says he didn’t peel the stickers or cheat, he did it all old-school. Nice!! :)

Geeky Cake Rubiks Cube Design

Happy Birthday Rubik's Cube

Happy Birthday Rubik's Cube

Happy Birthday Rubik's Cube

Happy Birthday Rubik's Cube

Via: [The Mary Sue] [iGeek Trooper]

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