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3 Anti-Theft Ways To Keep Your Coffee & Lunch Safe

3 Anti-Theft Ways To Keep Your Coffee & Lunch Safe

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

There are a couple of annoyances that go along with working in an office with a lot of co-workers. The more people that are in the office, the greater the chance that you will not keep your lunch safe before it’s time to consume the deliciousness. It’s a common problem and geeks of all ages have tried to mastermind inventions and techniques to prevent their lunch from ending up in someone else’s stomach.

I personally have never had it happen to me, thank you very much, but I can understand that it’s quite disgusting if someone takes a bite out of your sandwich without asking. It would be even more annoying not knowing who actually did it, and the mystery would haunt me until the end of my days. But luckily for us, there are some bright people out there that have been brainstorming, and they’ve come up with quite a few products that will keep your lunch safe during work hours.

So how can you possibly keep someone from taking and ultimately violating your lunch? There are several ways actually, all you have to do is to keep your mind open to some of the geeky possibilities.

Toxic Lunch Containers

Take these Anti-Theft Lunch Containers for example. Do you really think anyone dares to take anything out of those? It would have been a little bit better though if they had something like “Hazardous Tissue Samples” on the label, but I am sure that these will do just the trick also. They can be found over at Amazon (I think ThinkGeek had them previously but I can’t find them over there anymore unfortunately), but right when I was going to check the price, they were out of stock. It seems they are very popular, and I am sure they will be back in stock before you know it.

Anti Theft Lunch Contraption Designs

Anti Theft Lunch Contraption Designs

Plug Mug

So what about the obnoxious mug stealers? They are the ones who steal your freshly washed, sparkling clean coffee mug and violate it to the extreme before carelessly leaving it dirty in the sink. This is one of the biggest annoyances that you can experience when working in a large office. When you feel as if your mug is your karma, it’s a creativity sink whenever someone steals it and uses it for themselves. However, that problem doesn’t have to exist! All you really have to do is speed over to (again) Perpetual Kid and order yourself the Plug Mug. It will set you back a mere $15.99 and end all your problems forever. The Plug Mug is basically a mug with a plug in it. The plug itself houses a key ring loop so that you can attach it to your keys, a small chain on your office table, or whatever else you want to attach it to. Without the plug, the mug is simply useless, and you can bet that the obnoxious people will look at you in envy since they won’t be able to steal your awesome mug ever again. Now to all you people who don’t have the energy to do the dishes yourself, your reign of terror is officially over!

Anti Theft Lunch Contraption Designs

Anti Theft Lunch Contraption Designs

Anti Theft Lunch Contraption Designs

Dirty Mug

What if the Plug Mug doesn’t work either? What if someone gets a hold of that plug of yours or what if they have their own plug? I mean, the trick is rad and all, but who says someone else can’t use a simple plug of their own, whatever it may be? Nope, I think that one might be too risky then. We need something even more sinister and evil. That’s why you should jump over to Amazon and take a peak at the Dirty Mug. It’s a normal mug, but it sports a dirty and quite frankly disgusting print on it that looks like the mug has been used for quite some time. That would sure keep anyone from snapping the mug right out from under your nose! It will only make a hole big enough to fit $15.19 in your wallet. After all, keep it close to the sink and anyone laying eyes on it will think that it is dirty. Who wants to pour fresh and newly brewed coffee into a dirty mug? Well, you do!

Anti Theft Lunch Contraption Designs

Anti Theft Lunch Contraption Designs

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