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10 Star Wars Inspired Pieces Of Pop Fiction Art

10 Star Wars Inspired Pieces Of Pop Fiction Art

3 Years Ago By Nuno Teixeira

Nick Berry is the prolific art-making mastermind behind the Berry Method, a full-service graphic, copy, illustration, branding and marketing development company. As can be quickly discovered by visiting his website’s gallery, Nick Berry’s art is heavily influenced by pop culture, the underground scene, pulp horror comics, the music industry, and counter culture. In a D-Structure interview (2010), Nick Berry offers the following descriptions for how he’d describe his artwork:

I recently coined the term ‘pop fiction’ to describe my current theme and work. It’s taking your favorite childhood memories and blending them with culturally disturbing adult icons, to become the car crash you love to watch.

The pop fiction work he produces spans a variety of different creative disciplines which include fine art, commercial design, cartooning, photography, vector illustration, and 3D vinyl wraps. When asked about his creative process, Nick Beery, on a Creative Allies interview commented:

My creative methodologies involve a vast arsenal of media and techniques. Utilizing my illustrative skills to produce subjective subject matter is one of many trades I enjoy integrating into the process. Hand drawn elements, photography (for reference and subjects), vector graphics, and traditional hand painted elements tend to bleed into each project at various degrees depending on the scope and theme of the call.

These pop fiction art pieces presented here are from “The Deathside” series. The series was featured in a D-Structure San Francisco art show back in November 4, 2011, with the description, “A dark tribute to Star Wars, Pop Culture, Underground Evil and a deathly farewell to the repetitious mutations of fan art.” Luckily enough, Society6 is still selling his pop fiction art as high-quality prints, stretched canvases, stationery cards, iphone cases and skins and even polyester pillows!

10 Star Wars Inspired Pieces Of Pop Fiction Art


Chewy | Master of the Duocorns


Yoda Skull | Dagoba Gremlin


Dead Boba Fett | Retired Bounty Hunter


Gangsta Ewok | Wicked | A Lil Ass G


Loui Vuitton Taun Taun | High Fashion Hoth Beast


Rebel Rider | Intergalactic Hell Raiser


Skywalker | Wampa Food


Weedo | cantina hookas cost lives


Leia 2012 | Force Off The Streets


Solo | Froze Saving Luke

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May 13th, 2013

So rad that you are writing about this artist. He is definitely one of my favorites! Small correction, Mr. Beery spells his name more like a delicious hoppy beverage than the fleshy fruit produced from a single ovary.


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