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You Stink: The 10 Most Bizarre Smelling Colognes

You Stink: The 10 Most Bizarre Smelling Colognes

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Have you ever walked by someone in the supermarket and that person reeked of some god-awful scent, like something crawled up in him or her and died? Yup, it’s happened to me before. The strange thing about that is not that the person smells bad, but that he or she decided to make themselves smell that way on purpose. I’ve smelled some pretty abominable scents in my life, and it makes me appreciate a good cologne.

When celebrities come out with scents that smell like “confidence” or “success,” I always want to check them out. It’s not because I want to wear them, but because I want to know what those things smell like. Ever since I wrote about Liquid Money Cologne a while back, I’ve wanted to smell it IRL. According to the description, it smells like the woody aroma of newly printed money. Hey, that sounds good to me.

I was reading Flavorwire this morning, and I saw that they were inspired to find the ten most strange smelling colognes after realizing the fact that we can all now purchase The Avengers collection of colognes. Their article made me giggle as I read through each one. They did such a great job finding these, and I had to share them with you here also.

I wish that it was possible to write a scratch-and-sniff article because then we could all scratch our screens to get a whiff of each one of these. You can find out where to get them by checking out the awesome original post on Flavorwire (some are available in online stores, some you can find on eBay, and one or two don’t exist).

1. The Avengers colognes – Smell like a superhero

2. Vulva – For when you want to smell like a vagina

3. Apple cologne – The bottled scent of a brand new MacBook Pro

4. “Flame by BK” – There’s nothing like the sexy smell of burgers

5. Paper Passion – Indulge yourself in the retro smell of books

6. Funeral Home – Mix of condolence flowers, mahogany & carpet

7. Bacon cologne – It speaks for itself

8. Play-Doh cologne – I’ve always loved the smell of blue Play-Doh

9. Lobster cologne – Smell like everyone’s favorite crustacean

10. DZING! – The unique bottled scent of the circus

Via: [Flavorwire]

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August 21st, 2013

There is also Jean Peste “Fleur d’Anus” @

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