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Want World of Warcraft for Free?

Want World of Warcraft for Free?

8 Years Ago By Rob MacKay

Well it maybe not the infamous WOW itself, but its a very close “idea”.  I have to stand up now and say, I used to play WOW, a good fair bit, my wife would say probably too much!  I gave it up because well, I felt it wasn’t really going anywhere (if a place in an imaginary world can) and I was bored.   Obviously WOW has a monthly subscription of about £9 a month, that’s how they make there millions.

Along comes Runes of Magic, its a WOW-a-like MMORPG.  Its so much like WOW its like they have the same estranged father, or something.  Its like WOW is the love child of WOW’s Dad and some mysterious woman from his workplace.

On my horse

On my horse

So whats the beef?  Its free to play.  That’s right its basically a wow style game and free to play.   You can spend money in the game buying “Diamonds” which are the highest form of currency passed the standard in game gold, and spend it on items in the shop like house furniture, yes you can own a house, and other such things.

In the City

In the City

To summarise, its a good relaxing way to play.  No worries about monthly charges, and its starting quests are all nice and easy with lots of things to learn, see and do.  The animation is OK, but nothing beats WOW animation really, its something that Blizzard are just so good at and if I am honest, something that makes their games stand above the competitors.

If you want to play a MMO game that’s kind of like WOW, this is one to try.  Its actually fun!

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