Titanic 2 – To The Surface | The Sequel

I guess no one on this planet missed the block buster record breaking movie of all time Titanic when it came out in 1997. There were reports of people checking it out more than 200 times at the theater just because they thought it was so good. Indeed it was and I think the record will stand for a very long time. The closest any move has ever come to it is actually “The Lord of the Rings – Return of the King” (without applying the inflation index).

Well, maybe not for long. “Titanic 2 – Two The Surface” might actually steal the record. The movie is in the works and is based on scientists finding Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) in an ice block near the sunken Titanic. They bring him back to a future that is too overwhelming and he struggles to get to grips with his second chance at life…

Actually, it’s just a fake trailer/teaser of how the story of a second Titanic movie could be scripted . It’s great fun and I for one would actually like to have a smaller peak at one if they ever make one. Would be a great laugh I think. Just like with this spoof trailer…


×Makeup By Kili