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Titanic Explained In 2 Minutes

The Titanic Movie Explained In Less Than 2 Minutes

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

The movie Titanic is the ultimate chick-flick. I know this because every time I watch it, I boo-hoo like a big baby. And, I’m talkin the big kind of cry, the kind that gives you a headache for two days. You’d think I was going down with the ship.

I’ve never met a guy that would willingly watch that movie twice. For most men, sitting through 194 minutes of the most romantic love story every written is enough. It’s hard to believe that movie came out in 1997, it seems like just yesterday. I remember my girlfriends and I thought we were cool cause we watched it at least ten times, and that’s while it was still in the theaters.

Titanic, now a James Cameron classic, became the highest-grossing film of all time until 2010 when James Cameron surpassed his own record again with Avatar. It’s quite an incredible feat when you really think about it. I realize since Titanic was released 13 years ago, there may be a whole new generation of moviegoers that have never seen it. A few weeks ago, a Japanese woman named Mika was asked to explain the entire Titanic movie in less than 2 minutes. Mika, this is spot on! You crushed it, congratulations. I present to you, the micro-mini version of Titanic by Mika…

Titanic Explained In 2 Minutes

Titanic Explained In 2 Minutes

Titanic Explained In 2 Minutes

Titanic Explained In 2 Minutes

Titanic Explained In 2 Minutes

Via: [Neatorama]

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