Social Gaming To Continue Growth In 2016

We are a generation of people who live on their phones. We organise our lives through them and continually find new ways to communicate on them. Whereas previously a mobile phone was solely used for making phone calls or *gasp* even texting, we have now taken our phone reliance to a whole new level. Social media blew up and it became the next logical step to incorporate this software onto mobile platforms. Now we can scarcely imagine one without the other. With social media becoming a new much relied on tool by marketers, it’s now hard to imagine a world where a Facebook or twitter campaign is not as significant as its television and radio counterparts. We rely on social media so much due to its ability to be consumed on the go. We check our phones whilst we walk, whilst we’re on the train and far too often whilst we’re meant to be spending time with a significant other. Given that gaming online was already such an industry of growth with the addition of such innovative mobile platforms, mobile gaming has become a match made in heaven.

It’s really surprise that social gaming has taken off in such a big way. The industry now said to be worth well in excess of $2.7 billion is likely to grow even more in 2016. Social gaming was already a huge sector of growth but with the popularity of tablets steadily increasing over the last year, this figure is sure to steadily rise. Even as a purely PC based sector those investing saw a massive return. With the introduction of better and more integrated mobile platforms we can only one can only imagine just how huge the end of year figures will be.

With the level of growth on the desktop platforms only increasing by 0.9% from last year whilst mobile platforms recorded a rise of 15.7%, it’s easy to see that mobile gaming has experienced a huge surge in popularity. No longer are you forced to stick to a desktop to experience top-notch graphics and an excellent interface. With the introduction of responsive web design, it is now easier than ever to run sites across multiple platforms whilst also maintaining quality. At the end of last year, it was estimated by SuperData Research that 55% of the social casino market would be attributed to mobile technologies.

You can find an app for everything these days and the social casino market is no different. The drive to be the most accessible whilst still maintaining all the features that users are familiar with is most definitely on. Those sites which don’t will surely get left behind and competitors are fighting not to be the one left in the dirt. Nowadays it is essential to incorporate a mobile platform into the very beginning of your brand planning. There are simply too many potential customers and too much data out there to be had for businesses to miss out on. In a survey conducted by Salesforce, it is estimated that around 34% of marketers are planning to release an app in the next year. Those which are not planning to do so in the next year are likely to have already released one. To not have an app is leaving many companies vulnerable to missing out on important sales data which could push their reach further.

Not only are the app producers themselves trying to make their social gaming experience more accessible and pleasing to gamers, the makers of the most successful smartphones out there are constantly trying to bring more to the table. With Apple and Samsung continually bringing out new models with better resolution and bigger screen size, the makers of social gaming apps are both being helped towards a greater target market whilst being pushed to bring even better content to the table. Now it’s even possible to reach your apps from afar with this little add-on.

With such innovations being a daily occurrence, it’s hard to see a time where social gaming will not be a consistent growth industry. Sites such as are sure to enjoy plenty of added traffic due to the level of commitment and research now being funnelled into this industry.

Social Gaming To Continue Growth In 2016

Social Gaming Growth 2016

Social Gaming Growth 2016

Social Gaming Growth 2016



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    We are a spoiled bunch, however, you can’t argue with progress and innovation. My thoughts are that social gaming will remain for many, many years to come. It may morph into something bigger and it may become enhanced, made possible by the techie brilliance we’re surrounded by but we are hooked. And that breeds necessity. And necessity is the mother of invention.

    SO much more to come. What an exciting time to be alive! I remember back when there was no such thing as a TV remote. You actually had to get up and walk over to change the channel.

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