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Party Dexter Style With Blood-Themed Foods & Decor

Party Dexter Style With Blood-Themed Foods & Decor

4 Years Ago By Anita Hovey

My hubby and I tried to watch Dexter back when it first started, but he couldn’t get passed the fact that the vigilante serial killer gets away with murder, and we’re supposed to like him for it! So, a year later, bored with TV, I decided to try it again on my own and I got hooked. The season premier of Dexter is just around the corner. I don’t know about you, but I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. to see how he handles Deborah.

We’ve heard that after this season, there will only be one more. I guess eight really is “enough” (sorry…bad joke…if you’re under 35 you probably don’t get it). Really, how many more super-serial killers can there be for Dexter to kill? I really didn’t think they could top the Season 5 finale with Trinity getting the jump on Dex and killing Rita, recreating Dexter’s “birth” scene with his own son. But I was wrong, having Deb walk in on him just as he slices a body had me gasping for air!

It’s an interesting juxtaposition of good vs. evil. The viewer WANTS Dexter to win. We don’t want him to get caught, even though we know it’s wrong for him to kill these people. How can we WANT a serial killer to win? Is it really wrong for him to kill another serial killer who has eluded police for 30 years? He’s clearly a product of PTSD, but does that excuse his actions?

I think, deep down, we all kinda sorta wish we could wreak a little vigilante justice ourselves – hopefully not the killing kind. I think that’s what makes us love Dexter. He’s doing what we kinda sorta wish was okay. We WANT it to be okay for a serial killer to get what’s coming. I guess, by that logic, we’ll all be grateful when Dexter finally gets what’s coming to him. In the meantime, here are some great resources for your Dexter Season 7 Premier Party. Catch you all on Get Glue on September 30!

Everything You Need To Party Dexter Style


Blood Energy Potion [Amazon]

Delicious Band-Aid Blood Cookies [Gross-ology]

Blood Slide Candies [Instructables]

Why not make a statement with these handpainted blood spatter pumps? [Etsy]

Unique Blood Suckers [Instructables]

Red Candy Dripping Blood On A Martini Glass [hwtm]

Don’t forget to spatter some blood on your walls, or make red string art reconstructions. [Elle Decor]

Ok. Ok. These are Vampire Sandwich Cookies, but the blood effect is kind of cool for a Dexter party. [Northman’s Party Vamps]

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