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Betty White With Bill Murray’s Face: A Disturbingly Funny Mashup

Betty White With Bill Murray’s Face: A Disturbingly Funny Mashup

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

About a week ago, Reuters released the results of their study naming Betty White “America’s Most Trusted Celebrity.” 86% of the people surveyed voted for Betty, and 44% said they would be more likely to do business with a company if she endorsed it. Would you buy a product if you saw Betty White in the commercial? I’m a huge Betty White fan, so I probably would. If I were a Golden Girl, I would have been Rose, so she has a place near and dear to my heart.

Ever since that survey was released, I’ve been searching for something to celebrate Betty White. I wanted something funny and clever. It had to be unusual yet interesting to fit here on Bit Rebels. Today my search ends since I think I found something wacky yet fun, ridiculous yet entertaining, and ultimately simple.

Bill vs. Betty is a really fun website to visit if you are in the mood to waste some time. It’s a blog dedicated to photo mashups of Betty White and Bill Murray (Ghostbusters #ftw). I know what you are going to ask next. Why would anyone start a website to mashup Betty White and Bill Murray? I don’t know the answer to that question, but if I ever talk to Steve Dressler, I’ll ask him. In the meantime, click over to Bill vs. Betty to see the entire collection.

Ghostbusters Bill Murray Pictures

Betty White Golden Girls Rose

Betty White Bill Murray Mashup

Golden Girls Ghostbusters Mashup

Betty White Bill Murray Face

Celebrities Most Likely To Endorse

Via: [The Presurfer] [Inquisitr]

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