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A Chocolate Room In Lithuania

Willy Wonka Style: A Room Made Entirely Of Chocolate

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Oh my goodness, I would be in heaven in a room like this. Of course, it’s not in the States; it’s in Lithuania, figures. A shopping mall in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, built a 17 square meter room made entirely of chocolate.

It is designed to look like a traditional sitting room, and everything is made of chocolate, and I mean… everything. This includes the chairs, the lettuce on the plates (green chocolate), the cat sitting on the chair, the champagne glasses, the forks, the pictures on the wall and even the ceiling. All of it is chocolate.

It took seven artists and 300kg (661 pounds) of chocolate to make it all become a reality. There’s a combination of white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate. Opps, I’m drooling a little now.  People who visit this shopping mall will be able to check out this room until March 8th. After that time, it will all be disassembled and the chocolate pieces will be distributed to anyone who wants a piece. Dang, why don’t they ever build something cool like this in Atlanta? That’s it; I’m writing a letter to someone about this, I don’t know whom, but someone. #notfair #nomnom

Room Made Entirely Of Chocolate

Room Made Entirely Of Chocolate

Room Made Entirely Of Chocolate

Room Made Entirely Of Chocolate

Room Made Entirely Of Chocolate

Via: [ispyce]

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