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Colorful Easter Egg Art Photography

Visual Inspiration: Psychedelic Exploding Egg Photography

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

After an unseasonably cold winter, I’m happy to report that it is officially spring in Atlanta! Yay! Other than my iPhone getting covered in pollen the moment I walk out my house, I’m thrilled. Along with spring comes the season of marshmallow peeps, jellybeans and, of course, colored hard-boiled eggs.

To celebrate, last week I wrote about How To: Make Marshmallow Peep Sushi. Today I was planning to write about creative colored eggs, but when I was researching the topic, I found something else I have to share with you. Suddenly every egg I’ve ever colored seems boring and cliché.

These eggs are absolutely spectacular and give new meaning to the art of coloring eggs. Photographer Henry Hargreaves and Prop Stylist Caitlin Levine created these. They emptied the egg out of the shells, filled them up with bright shiny glitter and eye-popping psychedelic paint, and then photographed them at the exact moment of explosion on the ground. It actually doesn’t sound that difficult, but I have a sneaky suspicion it’s much harder than it looks. They did this project just for fun. Wow, ya’ll officially blew my mind.

Colorful Easter Egg Photography

Colorful Easter Egg Photography

Colorful Easter Egg Photography

Colorful Easter Egg Photography

Colorful Easter Egg Photography

Colorful Easter Egg Photography

Via: [FastCoDesign]

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