Classic Couture Geek Style: Vintage Prints On New Urban T-Shirts

I recently read an old quote from Alexander McQueen about the new era in fashion with no rules and merging styles. Then I thought, so what does that mean for me? Fashion isn’t something I think about a lot, but even though all I really wear are t-shirts, I’d still like to somehow take Alexander’s liberating quote and incorporate it into my ‘individual style’ (or at least re-quote him if I ever get pulled over by the fashion police). So when a friend gave me a Sumasalt tee, I felt like there might be hope for me yet. These are vintage prints on new urban t-shirts.

Designed by Australian House Music DJ / Graphic Designer Kris Hausel, these are tees that have the kind of the attributes that McQueen was talking about. Inspired by pioneering 50s & 60s graphic designers such as Paul Rand and Alvin & Elaine Lustig, the designs are unique yet familiar. The designs aren’t the only old school elements within these tees though. One of the coolest features is the vintage look and feel that the prints have. This has been achieved by using the discharge printing process to give the vintage prints a worn-in soft feel. Each vintage print is a limited edition, which maintains the integrity of the brand.

Because of the timeless appeal of the designs, they’re the kind of garment that you can comfortably wear to a family BBQ and then leave on when you head out to the Wookie appreciation convention afterwards. Don’t you just love versatile, low maintenance couture? Another thing I like about these shirts is that they make me feel sporty even if I’m just sitting at my computer. Hausel’s designs lean towards what he describes as “a distinctive sport conscious feel with an eclectic athletic edge.” Although essentially still street wear because of the sportif look, feel and fit, I enjoy a sense of sport even without exercise. So with Alexander McQueen’s quote in mind, my Sumasalt tee, and a new sense of individual and personal style, thinking about what to wear today just got easier.

Vintage Prints On New Urban T-Shirts





Image Credits: [Common Ground Byron Bay] [Sumasalt]


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    I am glad that you guys are bringing new designs for younger’s, it’s hard to find the right t-shirts for a match. I hope that you will rule it again.

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