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Upcycled CD Project Creates Enormous Water Lilies

Upcycled CD Project Creates Enormous Water Lilies

4 Years Ago By Richard Darell

We often find ourselves buying our music from iTunes or any of the other million music stores available today. Gone are the days when we buy our music from a music store on the street corner. We also don’t get to check out the booklet that came with our newly purchased CDs. Remember those? Even though people still listen to CDs, the market for them isn’t exactly huge anymore. In fact, it is dwindling down as we speak, and there is no point in buying CDs anymore it seems. So what can we do with our CDs now that we probably already have all our purchased CDs on our computers? Well, we could upcycle them. We are seeing more and more upcycled CDs that are transformed into something else.

Artist Bruce Munro has a unique idea when it comes to how we can upcycle CDs. In fact, his idea is as epic as we could ever imagine. When you hear the name of his project, you might not raise an eyebrow, but it is when you see what he has done that you start understanding the scale of it. Bruce had around 65,000 CDs at his disposal, and he needed to come up with something creative to do with them.

His project Water Lilies utilized all 65,000 CDs. He upcycled them into giant water lilies in a pond in a gorgeous park. The art looks incredibly soothing in a way. You have to admit that instead of throwing away all of those CDs, upcycling them in a way like Bruce did is a great idea. The colorful prisms that the CDs make when the sun shines on them creates an inspiring aura around the lake that you just don’t get with regular water lilies. It’s incredible what you can do if you just take your old stuff and upcycle it to something else. Epic!

Bruce Munro’s 65,000 Upcycled CDs Water Lily Project







Via: [UFunk – French]

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