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Undercap: The Stylish Underwear For Your Head

Undercap: The Stylish Underwear For Your Head

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

*Warning: This is stupid* The only thing I’ve ever written about that is stupider than this is How To: Get Jersey Shore Hair. I mean, really. I wonder where inventions like this originate, but even more importantly, who exactly are the people who come up with this stuff? I have no idea. However, from a fashion standpoint, they complement the Handerpants (underpants for your hands) that Richard wrote about last month. So, if you want to look like a complete idiot, maybe you should buy both of them.

This is called the Undercap, which is underwear for your head. Supposedly it keeps your head cozy and warm in the winter. It can also keep your brain safely protected from those harsh sun rays in the summer. If you are looking for something to freak out all your friends and family, this is the hat for you. I wonder if they make a thong version for the ladies… umm… that was a lame attempt at a joke. I wouldn’t wear these unless it was Halloween, and I decided to dress up as a tighty-whitey. Hey, that could be fun. You can pick up your own Undercap over at Baron Bobs for only $7.95.

Hat Made From Underwear

Hat Made From Underwear

Hat Made From Underwear

Via: [Unfinished Man]

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