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Tricky Tracks Tilt-Shift Game Brings Back Childhood Lego Love

Tricky Tracks Tilt-Shift Game Brings Back Childhood Lego Love

5 Years Ago By Andy Eveland

From a very young age, I can remember always enjoying building miniature cities with Legos. I’d tell my parents I was too sick to go to school and spend hours or even days building these intricate cities with tons of detail. One thing in common with all my builds was the fun I had while getting all the details just right. After the build was complete, I would usually push a miniature vehicle around the city and pretend that I was in miniature too, enjoying all the sights. Inevitably, I’d get bored of the scenery and destroy the city, only to start all over again from scratch. I can say with certainty that I’m not the only child who spent hundreds of hours doing this same thing, and if you were one of them, I’ve got the game for you.

Tricky Tracks is a great game that takes me back to the days of my childhood Lego builds. The game was built for the SBB Swiss Federal Railways by Maxomedia Design Agency. I follow Nihad Nasupovic on Dribbble, and this is where I learned about Tricky Tracks. He is one of the designers responsible for the amazing visuals. While the concept and gameplay is very simple, Nihad and the other designers pulled out all the stops on the visuals, recreating famous landscapes from Kurzackern to Goldküste.

In order to play the game, all you need to do is pull a pinball-style knob with enough force to send a miniature train from one station to the next. The exciting part is the ability to rotate, pan and zoom through the landscape details as the train passes over bridges, up mountainsides and through villages. If you don’t pull the knob hard enough, the train only travels a short distance, and pulling it too much derails the train. I must admit that at a couple of locations on the tracks mimic a ski jump, and I couldn’t help but send the train in a full speed launch down the track, just to see the crash. Don’t judge me, you know you’ll be sending a few miniature trains to their doom too!

Enough talk, lets get started playing Tricky Tracks now!

tricktrack box game start train

tricktrack box game start train


tricktrack box game start train

tricktrack box game start train

Via: [SBB – Switzerland] [Nihad Nasupovic] [Maxomedia]

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