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Creative Treehouse Built With Stuff Found In The Trash

Creative Treehouse Built With Stuff Found In The Trash

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

This is such a creative concept! Imagine what it would be like to make your own treehouse completely out of stuff found in the trash. We all know the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and that certainly applies to this unique house. It’s not a treehouse up in a tree as we many times see them, instead, it’s sitting on the ground, built around a tree which remains growing right up from the middle of the house itself.

The neatest part about this treehouse is that every piece of wood and each addition that you see was created with things that were found. In other words, they were things found in the trash or discarded by the people who originally owned them.

Isn’t it amazing what can be done with items that are found? It kind of puts me in the mood to do some dumpster diving. Designer Jean Paul Lespagnard and artist Ethan Hayes-Chute created this treehouse in 2010. The idea was that they wanted to see what it was like to completely create a livable habitat from scratch with things they found. Whether they were items found in the trash or found somewhere else, Jean Paul and Ethan found everything. It’s inspiring when you think about what is possible with some time, some tools and a big imagination.

This is one of those designs that I wish I could check out more closely. It’s so neat how they were even able to incorporate a second-floor porch, windows and electricity. The moral of the story is…Next time you decide to clean out your house and haul a bunch of stuff to the recycling facility, stop and think for a moment about what you or your kids could make with it. Like we always say, creating artistic pieces and structures (like this) which give old items a new life are some of the best examples of art in the world today.

The Treehouse Made With Stuff Found In The Trash

(and stuff found in other places too – click images to enlarge)







Via: [My Modern Met]

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