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Tin Can Mastery: The Art Of Creating Toys Out Of Cans

Tin Can Mastery: The Art Of Creating Toys Out Of Cans

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Although we usually throw away tin cans, aluminum is of course a whole different thing, and we go out of our way to recycle it. Not only is it good for the environment, but we can make a few bucks from doing so as well. There is nothing wrong with making a little money while saving the environment, right? When it comes to regular tin cans; however, there is no means of recycling that we, the consumers, are involved in. At least there aren’t any that I know of. So what are we to do with all of those tin cans? Some people who find themselves in the grip of creativity seem to know exactly what to do with them.

The people over at a newly launched website dedicated to upcycling tin cans, called Tinplate Girl, know what to do with them all. They have gone beyond themselves to put together toys and other accessories for our viewing pleasure. There is everything including laser guns, doll chairs, and even air ships that will marvel you because of the sheer amount of detail and skilled craftsmanship.

Not only is it a badass place for inspiration, there is also a huge box of tutorials for how you can put these things together yourself. All you really need are some tin cans, some cutters and a set destination for your creativity. After that, it’s all just to create. If you should find yourself loving the trade so much that you actually go ahead and create your very own toy tutorials, I am sure they will let you have them incorporated for the masses to take part in. A tin can was not just part of a character in the Wizard of Oz you know, you can actually get quite creative with it. Inspiration and imagination are everything, don’t you think?

Tinplate Girl Tin Gagdet Toys

Tinplate Girl Tin Gagdet Toys

Tinplate Girl Tin Gagdet Toys

Tinplate Girl Tin Gagdet Toys

Tinplate Girl Tin Gagdet Toys

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One Comment

Your melquiades javier

March 19th, 2016

I have a hot toys made of cans action figure i.m the one who make all of this toys can


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