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Invisible Chair Appears for You

This Invisible Chair Only Appears When You Do

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

This chair is like a bundle of geeky magic. It makes every chair in my house look completely boring. Not only is it invisible, but it also creates a black hole and it thumps like it has a heartbeat. It’s like a fantasy piece of furniture that doesn’t take up any space at all, or at least that’s the illusion it creates.

The designer, Ben Alun-Jones, made this Affinity Chair from acrylic, mirror film (like the tinting on car windows), LED lights, ultrasonic sensors and some custom electronics. When this chair sits alone in a room, it’s like a chameleon, and it blends into the environment to seem invisible.

Then, when a person walks towards it, it lights up and creates the illusion of a black hole of space that goes on and on inside. Those afraid of falling probably won’t want to sit on it since it gives the feeling that you’d drop through the seat. There is also an audio component of this chair. According to Ben’s website, “As the sitter comes closer to the chair, the chair’s heart rate increases reminding us that even though it wants to escape, it is firmly and almost painfully stuck in front of us.” He almost makes it sound like a pet instead of a chair. Wow, I like it!

Invisible chair appears for you

Invisible chair appears for you

Invisible chair appears for you

Invisible chair appears for you

Invisible chair appears for you

Via: [Slash Gear, Dvice]

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