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The World’s Largest McDonald’s Just Got Super Sized

The World’s Largest McDonald’s Just Got Super Sized

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

The world’s largest McDonald’s at the moment, which is in Orlando, is about to get big-mac’ed by this big daddy McDonald’s being built in London for the Olympics. I moved to Atlanta to work at the Olympics in 1996, and I remember all that excitement which spawned tons of creativity in this city. There are still traces of it in Atlanta today. I can imagine that the Olympic buzz right now in London is at a fevered pitch, and McDonald’s is getting in on the action by building the world’s largest McDonald’s right next to the stadium just in time for the games which start in July.

When completed, this restaurant will be 3,000 square-meters (half the length of an American football field). There will be 1,500 seats covering the two-story restaurant. Whoa! I can’t even picture in my mind what a restaurant of that size would look like up close. At any given time, there will be about 470 employees working to keep everything moving smoothly. Over 12,000 people applied for jobs at this McDonald’s (and three others that will open nearby soon also). In order to be chosen and hired, each applicant has to go through an audition process where they will be judged on their fast food serving skills.

The interior design inside this monstrosity will be much more updated and different than what we usually see inside a McDonald’s. I wonder if their wi-fi will get an upgrade too. I’m sure the construction of this McDonald’s is much further along than these pictures. If you live in London, please take a picture of what it looks like now and leave a link in the comments below. We’d love to see it!

*For a special treat, I added another little McDonald’s tidbit at the bottom. That is a life-size mummy made out of $200 worth of McDonald’s food created by artist Ben Campbell. His goal, according to facebook, is to get sued by McDonald’s. You can learn more about this on YouTube. Good luck with that, Ben.







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