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The World’s First Gold & Diamond Contact Lenses

The World’s First Gold & Diamond Contact Lenses

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

To the guy in the image on the left, I know you are trying to impress the ladies with your contact lenses that cost $15K, but dude, you look like a demon. Chandrashekhar Chawan, an optometrist at Shekhar Eye Research Center in India, created these badboys based on the fact that some people like to have gold and diamonds everywhere they can, including in their eyes.

Each one of these contact lenses has 18 diamonds on a gold plate. They are custom-made and apparently very safe to wear. You can choose from diamonds on white gold, diamonds on yellow gold or just white gold or yellow gold with no diamond enhancements. Dr. Chawan believes that it’s only a matter of time before they’re a big hit. He thinks once a celebrity starts wearing them, they’ll be everywhere. Um… at $15,000 a pair, I don’t think they’ll be quite as popular as you think Dr. Chawan. #justsayin

He told, “We always talk eye to eye. If your eyes are sparkling with diamonds, no one can look away; their eyes will be glued to you and your personality.” Dr. Chawan is donating all the proceeds from the sale of these special contacts to providing treatment for people who have Steven Johnson Syndrome, which can lead to blindness. It’s creativity for a good cause, so demonic-looking or not, I like it!

World's Most Expensive Contact Lenses

World's Most Expensive Contact Lenses

World's Most Expensive Contact Lenses

World's Most Expensive Contact Lenses

Via: [Oddity Central] [Luxury Launches]

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