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Minimalist Art: The Walking Dead Gets The Minimalist Treatment

Minimalist Art: The Walking Dead Gets The Minimalist Treatment

4 Years Ago By Susie McBeth

I love The Walking Dead. Tuning in to watch zombies get dispatched in multiple ways by a group of mismatched people all trying to survive is my kind of night in. For the most part, I like the realistic portrayal and reaction to a seriously extreme situation. Well, for the most part it’s realistic. How come nearly every car they come upon looks new, and really, where is all the gas coming from? I also love it when I come across exciting new artwork related to things I get all geeky and passionate about (what can I say? zombies are one of those things). I recently came across what I think are some brilliant Walking Dead minimalist art prints by Canadian Artist Ryan McArthur.

During one of my late night “I can’t sleep so I am going to search Etsy for cute stuff to buy” moments (am I the only one who does this?), I came across these amazing prints. I particularly like that they are done in minimalist art style since this gives you a chance to bring your imagination to the table. I sincerely believe that with art, sometimes less is truly more. McArthur’s series of character posters are beautiful, intriguing, and best of all, represent the core of each subject depicted. They convey the essential elements of their personalities and belief systems – even in the case of Rick (whose viewpoint has definitely made a pretty big shift).

I love how McArthur only used the bare bones of the characters in this minimalist art, breaking away from the obvious silhouettes and using an iconic object or unique aesthetic element that is directly connected to each subject, such as Rick’s hat or Daryl’s crossbow. The fading edges and occasional spattering effect on top of the color-blocked backgrounds work perfectly to accentuate the designs and create a feeling of tension and immediacy. Each poster includes a quote from the depicted character, which just adds to the excitement. I mean, who doesn’t love a good quote?

Drawn by hand and then digitally finished off with a very meticulous attention to detail, these minimalist art prints are, in my opinion, a must for any Walking Dead fan. I am personally crazy about the Daryl print. I love how perfectly the crossbow is drawn and of course the character quote. So after a cup of tea and a few episodes of The Walking Dead, which is when I spend hours (sometimes longer) discussing who would be on my team to survive the Zombie Apocalypse, these prints would definitely help with inspiration. You can view and buy Ryan McArthur’s full collection at his Etsy Store – DesignDifferent.

The Walking Dead – Minimalist Art

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