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The Ultimate Vintage Style Map For Movie Lovers

The Ultimate Vintage Style Map For Movie Lovers

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I bet this map was a blast to put together, and I’m sure a few of my friends who love movies would love to have this print hanging in their homes or offices. Just imagine taking over 900 movie titles and placing them on a map in just the right places. Forrest Gump would of course be a forest, Reservoir Dogs would be a body of water, Titanic and Shutter Island would be in the water, The Green Mile would be a long stretch of road, The Polar Express would be a train, The Killing Fields would be a huge grassy meadow… and I could go on and on. How fun!

The company that designed this is called Dorothy. They are also the ones who created the song map that was so popular a while back.

Their song map is a map with around 400 song titles turned into map elements like houses, roads, bodies of water and parks. If you lived in a world made up of song or movie titles, it would be a lot of fun to decide where to live, right? I wouldn’t even know where to begin. There are so many choices. If you’d like to buy a print of this map, you can click over to Dorothy’s website. Think of all the other things we could turn into maps. We could make maps of popular blogs, social media sites, popular foods based on geographical locations, etc. The options are endless. What a fun idea!

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Via: [My Modern Met]

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