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The Truth About The Redneck Mansion Comes Out [Pics]

The Truth About The Redneck Mansion Comes Out [Pics]

6 Years Ago By Diana Adams

These pictures are so interesting, but the story behind them is even more intriguing. Apparently these have been circulating the Internet for a couple years. I believe, but cannot confirm, that they even went viral under the phrase “redneck mansion.”

Most people have always thought that these were a photoshop creation. After all, it kind of looks like that, right? Well now the truth comes out… these are not photoshopped pictures after all! Also, no caraaaazy redneck randomly stacked trailers on top of each other.

These are actually part of an outdoor theater set for the Theater het Amsterdam Bos, which is a Dutch theater group. This set was created in 2005 by Catherina Scholten for the production Anton Chekhov’s Ivanov. Now we know the truth. Either way, I am strangely drawn to these pictures, but I don’t know why. Maybe I’m secretly a redneck, and I just don’t know it. Haha There is just something about being free spirited, living in a colorful dwelling, up in the air, stacked on top of another one… I dunno, seems kind of fun. If an architect built a hotel like this, I’d stay there. :)

[via hoaxslayer, modernarchitectdesign, trendland]

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January 22nd, 2015

That’s what happens when you try to force rednecks to adjust to big city life-a trailer park high-rise building :)



June 13th, 2015

anyone maybe have a link to watch this play ? thanks … Robert


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