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The Tampon Wreath: Celebrate Being A Woman All Month Long

The Tampon Wreath: Celebrate Being A Woman All Month Long

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I love being a girl so much. I can’t imagine being a guy, and quite honestly, I don’t know how you all walk around with those things if you know what I mean. Being a girl is so much better. We get to wear beautiful shoes and makeup, we get to be treated like a lady, and best of all, we get to experience childbirth. I can’t imagine how being a guy could be any better than that, no matter how you look at it. Even my hairdresser, who has played both roles, would agree with me.

I’ve written so many articles to celebrate being a woman. In this one, I featured 28 different emotions women feel, and they were all illustrated. In this one, I showcased some photography that represents a woman breaking out of her shell. However, never before have I talked about the part of being a woman that we don’t all quite embrace, and that’s when our monthly friend comes to visit. JacquieLongLegs, who write about bitchtastical living on her blog of the same name, decided to take this part of being a woman and make it count. She created this tampon wreath from colorful tampons she bought at Costco.

According to Jacquie, “Swelling menstrual pangs can easily turn a gentle damsel with a personality of an Ugg boot into a bi-polsie gorgon. On any given day my vagina has the baseline personality of the white angry bird or that grumpy sand dune tiger from the beginning of Aladdin.” So the next time you find yourself cursing that time of the month, just consider making your own tampon wreath. Then you can smile as you pluck the tampons off one by one until it’s all over. See, isn’t being a woman wonderful? If you’d like to see another one of Jacquie’s creations, just click over to Princess Leia Hair Headphone Covers.

DIY Decoration Made From Tampons

DIY Home Tampons Decor

DIY Home Tampons Decor

DIY Home Tampons Decor

DIY Home Tampons Decor

DIY Home Tampons Decor

Via: [Jacquie Long Legs]

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One Comment


January 17th, 2013

You sound like a sexist man-hater.


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