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The Sling Shot Camera: Make Your Photos Deviously Fun

The Sling Shot Camera: Make Your Photos Deviously Fun

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

We all know how important photos are these days, especially in social media. We now use pictures as a way to validate and verify (or secure bragging rights) for claims made by users. You know the saying, “pics or it didn’t happen.” There is even a whole psychology behind women and Facebook photos. To some people, those photos are a really, really big deal. I’ve written about that before in an article called Women’s Facebook Photos: A Mix Of Psychology & Photography. Since I’m a naturally shy person, I don’t post a lot of pictures, but I did post this one last month on Facebook and Twitter.

One thing I’ve noticed in about 85% of pictures I see online is that people always have that standard picture smile. My mother would call that a fake smile. I make that smile for pictures too, and I have to admit, it’s getting a little boring. How can we change it up though? How can we make our pictures spunkier by capturing a different emotion when we approach a friend with our camera?

We can do that with the Sling Shot Camera of course! It’s the ultimate photo prank. Just point the sling shot at your unsuspecting victim, pull the elastic band back like you are about to catapult something into their eye, watch them duck for cover and scream, and snap that picture! Now you’ve got a real gem of a photo on your hands. Considering the life of a Facebook photo though, if it’s a true friend, it might be best to ask permission before posting it online. #justsayin (Designers: Sung Young Um & Jung Eun Yim)

Slingshot Turned Into Camera

Slingshot Turned Into Camera

Slingshot Turned Into Camera

Slingshot Turned Into Camera

Slingshot Turned Into Camera

Via: [Yanko Design]

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