The Power Of Photoshop In A Blade Runner Speed Painting

I never worked much in Photoshop until I started writing articles on this site back in 2009. Since I’m so picky about the size and sharpness of the images in my posts, I use it every day now. I would still consider myself a Photoshop beginner at best, although a few months ago, I learned how to change someone’s eye color using it. I thought I was hot stuff. I put purple eyes on myself.

Richard, on the other hand, is a Photoshop master. If I’m trying to manipulate an image for a post, and if I can’t get it right, I know he is always there to help me. He can whip out some seriously cool Photoshop creations, which is I’m sure one reason he is such a successful and inspiring web designer and developer.

We have written a lot of articles about Photoshop on this site, and you can do a quick search to view them all. Whether it’s a series of funny pictures or a new technique, it seems there is always something interesting to learn about that software. It never gets old, and the possibilities are endless. Look at the images in this article. Obviously that is Harrison Ford from Blade Runner. Have you ever wondered how something like that can be created in Photoshop? I have; however, I can’t even imagine the time it would take to learn all the ins and outs of Photoshop well enough to be able to make something like that.

Olof Storm, a motion graphic designer and cinematographer, knows all about how to do this. He created this image all in Photoshop, and he captured the whole process for us all to see. This is one of the only 4+ minute videos I’ve seen in a while that actually held my attention all the way until the end. Great job Olof!

Harrison Ford Created In Photoshop

Harrison Ford Created In Photoshop

Harrison Ford Created In Photoshop

Harrison Ford Created In Photoshop

Via: [Kuriositas]


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