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The Fundamental Elements Of Design

The Fundamental Elements Of Design

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

To fully understand the elements of design, I think you have to have some experience with how logos, websites and whatever design you are working on works. It’s easy to slap something together and call it design; however, there are some elements to it that define a good design. Those elements can take something that looks amateurish and make it look quite professional. It has all to do with the way you “work” your design. Describing the process is quite an intricate task, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from trying. I think the more we look into what makes a good design, the more we will allow its structure and edge to evolve.

Erica Gorochow directed a really neat 2 minute elaboration of exactly what design is. Or rather, what the fundamental elements of design are. It is explained in a way that I think is quite to the point, and for the first time, I think everyone will have a chance to actually understand that “simple” might express more. In other words, the more you want it to look professional by adding a lot of new elements, the farther from a professional result you will get.

The nature of negative space is that it makes our brains give more attention to the parts that actually mean something. A good logo is defined by the way it expresses what the company stands for, not the way it supposedly crowds the screen with intricacy and guff. The saying that “less is more” is always going to be a big part of design, no matter how you look at it. Check this video out and let your brain soak up the fundamental elements of design. I am sure when it is finished, you will have a better understanding of what true design really is.

The Fundamental Elements Of Design

Via: [UFunk – French]

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