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Temporary Lip Tattoos: Get The Lady Gaga Effect

Temporary Lip Tattoos: Get The Lady Gaga Effect

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Are you tired of the same old boring lip gloss? Are your lipstick colors making you feel outdated? Well now you can dress up your lips in a style that some say will be the next big fashion trend. These are temporary lip tattoos.

The particular tattoos shown in this article were launched last month by a company called Violent Lips. They come in a do-it-yourself package; however, I’ve read they aren’t as easy to apply as you might think. But then again, most products like this, which I call “makeup extensions,” aren’t easy. I tried to put on a pair of fake eyelashes a while back. After wasting an hour in the bathroom, I finally decided they weren’t for me. I have a feeling I’d make a big mess with these tattoos.

Either way, now you can satisfy your inner urge to add a little Lady Gaga style to your life. The video below shows exactly how to apply them. I wonder if they will come out with matching nail stickers. It would make sense. These models make these tattoos look good. They almost make me want to give them a try. If you would like to get some for yourself, you can pick up a three pack for around 15 bucks over at Violent Lips.

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Animal Print Lip Tattoos

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Via: [Daily Mail] [Bella Sugar] [Mrs. Glam]

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