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Superheroes As Unborn Babies: A Glimpse Into The Womb

Superheroes As Unborn Babies: A Glimpse Into The Womb

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Just when I thought we had featured all the popular superheroes in just about every way imaginable, Alexandre Nicolas surprises us with a new interpretation. This is how he imagines the superheroes before they were born, while they were still in the womb.

These are very interesting to me, especially since they almost look like they are in a fluid, which is to mimic embryonic fluid I suppose. They are actually inside blocks of synthetic crystal. So I suppose the legend is true, superheroes are born with their costumes and capes on after all. Alexandre calls this collection Superhero Fetuses, and they are being displayed at Halle Saint-Pierre museum in Paris right now.

Wonder Woman, your hair was even beautiful before you were born. Hulk and Thing, you both actually look cute and cuddly as babies. I think my favorite one out of all of these is the baby Spider-Man; he’s just so precious! You can learn more about Alexandre and view his other artwork on his website. I would like to have one of these to display in my office. Is that creepy?

Incredible Hulk In The Womb

Superman As A Little Baby

Thing Superhero As Unborn Baby

Spider-Man As Unborn Baby

Unborn Superhero In The Womb

Unborn Superhero In The Womb

Wonder Woman As A Baby

Via: [TechEBlog]

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