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Super Mario Mushroom: Hidden Typography Secrets

Super Mario Mushroom: Hidden Typography Secrets

6 Years Ago By Richard Darell

Recently I have grown fond of things that come across looking like a regular design, yet they hold a lot more than instantly meets the eye. Creating such art is harder than it looks since you have to plan your design from the get go. Just bundling up a few things hoping someone will perceive it as an ordinary design isn’t really the way to go with this. No, you really have to get into it, research and go about it in a backwards kind of way.

First of all, you need to know what’s going into the design, then you can start designing it knowing the end result will look far more appealing when seen at a closer range. Yeah, it might sound a little bit complicated, but I think you will know what I mean after you take a look at this pretty much original and inspiring idea and design. Typography can sometimes hold the secrets quite close and hidden, and I have on several occasions found myself looking at a design for the third time discovering that it actually holds more secrets. That’s when you know you have struck gold, inspiration wise.

Geeky and original artist OSKUNK took the Super Mario Mushroom to a whole new level. Not only did he use only three colors for the design, it also holds a lot of secrets that you will find when you look at the art design up close. The wall piece, from a normal distance, looks like your average game mushroom. However, it’s actually a form of typography that consists of thousands of words jumbled together to form this quite wonderful and strange artwork.

I can imagine that art like this would take quite a long time to create, not only because of the insane amount of related words, but also because making it all look unison and undetected is probably where the “art” is in this design. Just jumbling together some words and hoping it will look natural probably will not fly, so this goes to show that spending a lot of time and work on even the most simple designs will have you looking way more sophisticated than if you take the easy approach and just doodle. However, there are of course a lot of doodling art that is quite amazing as well, but this isn’t the form on which you would just doodle.

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Super Mario Mushroom Typography Art

Super Mario Mushroom Typography Art

Super Mario Mushroom Typography Art

Super Mario Mushroom Typography Art


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