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Summer BBQ Papercraft: A Grill & All The Fixins Made From Paper

Summer BBQ Papercraft: A Grill & All The Fixins Made From Paper

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

This is the time of year for summer BBQs and creating special memories with friends and family. One of the best parts of summer BBQs is cooking on the grill. We’ve featured a lot of intricate papercraft on Bit Rebels over the years, but this is one I haven’t seen before. This is basically a BBQ grill with all the fixins (as we say here in the south) created with paper. These aren’t your standard papercraft folds. When you see the pictures below, you’ll see this is incredible paper art.

According to core77, even though these look computer generated, each one was handmade by designers Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmerman from Zim & Zou. They created everything a festive summer BBQ lunch needs including the grill, plump drumsticks, stacked up skewers, hotdogs and even bottles of ketchup and mustard. I even see shrimp and cutlery in there. Who would ever think someone would create this seasonal staple with paper? I wish I knew why they chose these colors.

We’ve written about Zim & Zou’s papercraft before. You can see more of their work at Stunning Papercraft That Goes Far Beyond Intricate Folds. So if you live in a place where you can’t have a summer BBQ, just remember, you can always make your own. Paper is such a great medium to use for any craft, and with a little creativity and a dash of imagination, you can make almost anything with it. If you know of any other extraordinary papercraft collections, I hope you’ll share them with us in the comments below or even email them to me (my email address is below in my bio). Now I’m in the mood for some BBQ chicken, potato salad and sunshine!

Summer BBQ Papercraft

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Via: [Core77]

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June 15th, 2013

They really do look computer generated! Ive seen some done by an artist Bert Simons which are amazing too-

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